I don't mean a failure like getting a B instead of an A, but maybe an event that put you at a crossroads in life or. r/AskReddit • What is the greatest opening lyric of all time? r/AskReddit • What's your favorite rap song of all time?.


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However,. Don’t go too small or too big. Tell me about your proudest achievement? 14.

Keep it positive.

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I learned that no one can be perfect, but you should never be afraid to try your hardest.

For me, it was not making the most of high school. Cannot go toward bills, investments, etc.

Sep 12, 2016 · This isn't for a secondary essay or anything lol I'm just curious to see if any of you have experienced a great failure or regret that seemed too difficult to handle at the moment. 4K.

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" begin by defining failure, or what failure means to you. More posts you may like. .

It is more of a regret, but I do failed as though my younger self failed my older self. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that? 13. This isn’t about the failure itself; it’s about how and what you learned from your failure. . r/AskReddit. 3K.


. Try to remain honest when creating your response.

" I just sat there and waited for her next question.