The best slug round available which also makes it viable at range the AP-20 is your best all around choice when trying to complete your shotgun quests or simply having some shotgun fun.

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Rifle – Best used for hunting, target shooting and long distance shooting. May 20, 2023 · 14 Killing Floor 2.

More pellets mean you have a greater.


. 410 shells are significantly smaller, there are fewer pellets in each shot. .

If you want range and and a shotgun that will forgive bad aim, use the model 10 hunter.

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For simulated game days I prefer a 20-bore. .


It can be used for hunting larger game such as deer, elk or moose.

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A 50-75 yard shot on a deer is usually well within the performance capability of a shotgun shooting slugs.
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ShotgunBest used for moving targets in the air like waterfowl, and turkey hunting, and home defense.


Nov 2, 2018 · You might think “BB” means a small toy gun for children.

got that answer wrong. 0 (2023) Learn the best Tarkov ammo to use with our EFT ammo chart 13. Shotgun shells loaded with BB are popular for larger game at greater distances.

. Project Upland. 1) A shotgun licence application and fee need to be sent to your county Police Firearms Department. . . .


. 1 day ago · 1 A Distant Pull Sniper Rifle.

The best bird gun for the money might be a used one.

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